Wake up!

Sunday, November 28th 2021 | By Rev. Michael P. Hanifin

Welcome to Advent, the season to prepare with awe and wonder for the Feast of the Incarnation of Jesus — born to us as Savior and Brother. It is a season to prepare for His return at the end of time. It is also a moment to remind ourselves that our individual judgment day is coming, too, when we will be called to give an account for all that God has given to us during our lifetimes. In other words, Advent is a steward’s season!

Our readings for the first week of Advent waste no time in calling our urgent attention to these themes of reflection and preparation. They seem to shout, “Wake up! Get ready!” and offer us some practical advice as we enter into this season.

The Gospel from Luke, warns, “Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy from carousing and drunkenness and the anxieties of daily life.” How easy it is to lose focus on our Lord either by too much indulgence in our lives or by too much worry about our lives. During Advent, as Catholic Christians, we must ask ourselves some hard questions. Am I staying faithful to my prayer life? Am I using my energy and skills to serve others? Am I overly concerned about material gain? Am I relying on my “stuff” or my investments as my source of comfort or security? Am I living for the moment or for the coming of the Lord?

Advent is our “wakeup call” and reminder that Jesus is coming back at a day and an hour we do not know! Let us do our part to prepare for his return with awe and wonder.

Given that the end of the year draws near, might I suggest that you would include a year-end donation to the One Faith, One Family, One Future Capital Campaign. We are 100,000 dollars short of the proposed cost of building new restrooms for our Saint Joachim Church. You can donate at www.faith.direct/ca1091 or drop it off in the parish office.