Sometimes called Confession or the Sacrament of Penance, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is the time when we take authority over the sin and darkness of our own lives, confess it, bringing it into the light, and with a contrite heart receive forgiveness of our sins through the prayer of absolution. As Catholics we are called to make time for this on a regular basis. Reconciliation heals the divisions sin makes in us and brings us back into communion with God and the Church, the community. We are encouraged to seek out this Sacrament whenever we are in need of God's healing mercy.


Sacrament of Healing


Penitent's Confession of Sin and Priest's Prayer of Absolution

Scriptural Foundations

John 20:23, Matt 16:19; 18:18, James 5:16



After the 7:00 PM Mass


After the 8:30 AM Mass

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