Pastor’s Postcard – November, Holy Gratitude

Sunday December 3, 2023

Our universal Church and local parish saints show us that generosity is the fruit of gratitude, service the expression of faith!  We truly are a church where people encounter Jesus Christ.  He comes to us in the sacraments and meets us where we are: food for the journey on our pilgrimage of faith, healing for the sick, unity for the married.  Our Healing Mass was beautiful!  The sick found meaning in their suffering and caregivers received the support and affirmation of our community.  Leaders of the cancer support ministry provided outstanding hospitality in hand with the Prayer Warriors.  Deacon Javier and Lourdes with Deacon Martin and Elvia formed couples for the sacrament of matrimony as we celebrated a wedding with five couples at one time, a boda comunitaria (community wedding).

Gratitude to God for our abundance overflowed in generous service to our neighbors experiencing homelessness the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Over 400 people were served a delicious dinner prepared by volunteers and the Knights of Columbus under the leadership of Kamelia Casillas and Kathy Lewis.  We all felt the spirit of Mathew 25 when we encountered Christ in the faces of those we served and shared a meal.  All any one of us really needs is a warm meal, a roof over our head and company. 

I am grateful for our deepening fellowship in Christ celebrated when we give thanks during the Eucharist banquet and generously respond to one another.  Thank you for being a part of our parish family!   Please pray for those preparing to enter full communion with us, our catechumens and candidates, who we received during the Rite of Acceptance in November.

In Christ,

Rev. Robert P. Capone