Pastor’s Postcard – Merry Christmas!

Sunday December 24, 2023

Christmas helps me embrace an Incarnational Spirituality.  I do not see the best of humanity when watching world news but I do see the goodness of our brothers and sisters when I visit parish families. Humanity is not only good because it is created by God but endowed with such dignity by virtue of the Incarnation.  The Word through whom God make the universe became flesh in Christ Jesus so that we who are human might share divine life.  What a marvelous exchange!   

An Incarnational spirituality is lived through awareness of the small things.  I have enjoyed the best roasted arbol chili salsa and creamy cheesecake of my life made here by Rosario and Angela.  I have heard the yell of students at play on our field and your songs of worship in our church.  Our invisible transcendent God became visible and imminent when that small child was born of the Virgin with a love beyond all telling in Bethlehem. 

I wrote this Christmas dinner blessing years ago.  Maybe it will find a voice at a meal in your home this season. 

May smell and taste of the table bring us to praise our Creator.

May sight of the manger us inspire by our Savior.

May sound and touch of our words, love be found, Holy Spirit Blest.

In Christ,

Rev. Robert P. Capone