Pastor’s Postcard – Meet the Lujan Family!

Sunday December 31, 2023

Fr. Robert is getting to know our parish families.  Here are some questions he had for the Lujan Family:

How long have you been in the parish and what do you most value?

Ryan and Jeanette joined the parish six years ago when their daughter Brooke became a Sea King at St. Joachim School.  Brooke says the people are kind here.  Jeanette likes the small family feel of the parish and school and how we gather around events.  Ryan says, “Everyone wants to be here.”

Tell us about yourselves: work, hobbies?

Ryan works in education software and Jeanette is a paralegal.  Their hobbies are centered around what Brooke likes to do – altar serving, tennis, girl scouts, choir, volleyball. 

What role or difference does faith make in your life?

Jeanette says that faith makes it easier to let go of control, “leave the driving to God.  I can let go when I place my trust in God”.  Ryan says faith is about community.  Brooke says faith helps her be the best version of herself.

In Christ,

Rev. Robert P. Capone