Pastor’s Postcard – Meet the Duynstees!

Sunday September 10, 2023

Fr. Robert is getting to know our parish families.  Here are some questions he had for the Duynstee Family:

It was a warm July afternoon when I was introduced to Peter and Susie Duynstee. They were walking their dog on Orange Avenue and we met in front of the church.  If you go to our 4:30 p.m. liturgy on Saturdays, you have probably been greeted by them with interested eyes and witty humor.  Recently I was at their home for Susie’s birthday party.  Before all the guests arrived, I asked them a few questions.  Here are their responses.

How long have you been in the parish and what do you like about it?

1971 we started at Saint Joachim.  It was the friendliness of the people and the nice priest, Fr. Nevin.  We live close by, one block away.  The church is where my children went to school. It is a family-oriented parish, everyone knows each other.

Tell me about yourselves, family, work, hobbies.

This October we will be married fifty-eight years.  We have four wonderful children and three grandchildren.  We are very happy.  I owned Fry’s Market in Newport and then worked as a grocery clerk at Trader Joes.  I worked and played soccer until age seventy-seven.  Now I enjoy gardening and sharing my life with my wife.  Susie likes to crochet baby dresses, scarves, some of which she sells at St. Joachim, proceeds going to the church.

What role does faith play in your lives?

Faith means going to Church every weekend, trying my best to keep my faith going.  My faith helps me keep on the straight line, keeps me an honest and fair man.  I want to set an example for my family.  I keep the Lord in front and in first place.  Susie says 100%, to live in the Lord is everything.  We have been blessed.  The Lord has been there every single day of our fifty-eight years of marriage.

In Christ,

Rev. Robert P. Capone