Pastor’s Postcard – Our Recent Past & Shared Future

Sunday July 16, 2023

Our Recent Past and Shared Future from Father Robert:

I hope to be installed Pastor at St. Joachim within the next two years.  Until then, my title is Parochial Administrator.  I will strive to build on the work and ministry of Father Mike while I listen and observe our parish life.   I need to know our parish, a family of families, and ask the right questions if I am to lead our community in love.  I am open to dinner invitations at your home so I may come to understand the Household of the Lord here at St. Joachim.  My email is

I will utilize this space in the bulletin to reflect with you on our recent past and our shared future.  The first week of the month will feature the “Pastor’s Postcard”; an opportunity for us to look at the events of the prior month in a way that cultivates awareness and gratitude.  The third week of the month will highlight future initiatives in a column entitled, “Pastoral Plans.”  Both the First Sunday’s Pastor’s Postcard and the Third Sunday’s Pastoral Plans will be sent electronically also.  If you would like to sign up for the e-newsletter, simply visit our website and update your contact information.

Starting in the Fall or earlier, I would like to devote the second and fourth Sunday to an introduction of one individual or family to the larger community and the role of faith in their life.  We might also highlight a ministry or upcoming event.  Thank you for reading the bulletin as we remember into the future.

In Christ,

Rev. Robert P. Capone