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Religious Education for Children Grades K-5

Religious Education for Children Grades K-5

This family-based program includes religious education for children Kinder through 5th grade, and formation/enrichment sessions for parents every Sunday, along with a monthly Family Faith Fun day when our catechists join with parent and child, to experience our faith together. 

EDGE/Sacramental Prep for Grades 6-8

EDGE/Sacramental Prep for Grades 6-8

This is a three-year program that is being offered in order to aid our Middle Schoolers in becoming stronger and more confident pre-teens who know what it means to be a Catholic Christian. Confirmation is just around the corner, and this program will begin the foundation that the sacrament of Confirmation continues.

Teen Confirmation Years I & II Grades 9-12

Teen Confirmation Years I & II Grades 9-12

Our High School Youth Ministry is just that -- a ministry to teens who are in high school where our Church is making a special place, a home for all of our parish teens. Through prayers, retreats, classes, small group discussions, service projects and working with an adult spiritual mentor we call Sponsors, young people will be able to recognize and understand the presence of the Holy Spirit in themselves and in His people and will be able to identify themselves as active members of the Catholic faith.

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Young Adults Ministry

Adult Education

Adult Education

At various times during the year there are educational opportunities offered for adults. 


We are a Christ-centered people, instructed by the Word of God and renewed by the Sacraments. We are building a community of love, justice and peace by celebrating, serving and proclaiming the Gospel to the world.

In doing so, we touch families asking for sacraments for their children, as well as provide on-going education for children and parents. We provide creative opportunities for our parishioners to experience outreach to those in need. The homeless, incarcerated, and those challenged with a physical ailment all are served each year by our caring community. We provide a pathway home for returning Catholics and those seeking entrance into the church.

The Faith Formation office provides on-going adult education and classes for those who want to complete their initiation by receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. We are here for families who have experienced a loss of a loved one, or just to lend an ear to someone who needs to be heard.

In Christ's Peace,

Lupe Ojeda

Director of Faith Formation

For information about the 2022-23 Faith Formation program, please contact our Director Evangelization, Lupe Ojeda, at or call 949-574-7400 ext. 320.


Hispanic Communities through the United States and in parts of Latin America express their Christian faith through different rituals and practices that are culturally meaningful to them. They can be a means of evangelization and a way to keep alive the faith of the young and their families. One such ritual is the celebration of Quince Años or a Quinceañera. Today, more than ever before, young people need to appreciate and be grateful for the gift of life and to affirm their own commitment to Jesus Christ and his Church.

A Quinceañera is not a Sacrament but a sacramental and offers a teachable moment to grow deeper in faith, hope and love and to discover the richness of culture and of liturgy. In the ritual of a Quinceañera, the young woman will be asked to renew her baptismal promises that were performed on her behalf by her parents and godparents on the day of her baptism. We ask our Blessed Mother, our Lady of Guadalupe, to bless in a special way the young people, their parents and sponsors who seek to express publicly their gratitude for the precious gift of life and to commit themselves personally to lead a truly Christian life.